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Librarians are Superheroes

We may not wear capes or have supernatural powers, but we’re pretty essential, like kale, full of hidden and not so hidden skills. Your library is so much more than books and your librarian is so much more than the … Continue reading

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Great New Resources in the Library

We’ve just added some fantastic new books on Performance and Performing arts. Turner, ‘The Anthropology of Performance’. This posthumous collection noted anthropologist Victor Turner explores performance as a culture in his unique vision of a ‘postmodern anthropology’. Carlson, ‘Performance’. 2nd … Continue reading

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Welcome Back!

Welcome new and returning students. Hopefully you’ve all settled in to the new term and are looking forward to the new academic year. The library in the Atrium has lots of support to offer students and staff; from books to … Continue reading

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Book an Appointment with your friendly Librarian!

Hi, my name is John Wright. I’m your librarian for Animation, Drama, Broadcasting, Music & Sound, Journalism and Film. Hi, my name is Angharad Evans and I’m your librarian for Fashion, Interior Design, Communication Design and Photography. If you’re struggling to find … Continue reading

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Hello Fashion students

Here at Library HQ we’ve made some short presentations about how to do research with the library’s fashion resources. Take a look at them here. They cover the following topics: An Introduction to Research Using the Library Catalogue Searching for an … Continue reading

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Libraries: where it all went wrong

This blog post was published by Nat Torkington in an address to the National and State Librarians of Australasia on the eve of their strategic planning meeting in Auckland at the start of November this year. It’s the kind of title that makes … Continue reading

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On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog

This cartoon was published in ‘The New Yorker’ way back in 1993, but still seems just as relevant today when we try and consider how our users (students) behave and interact within a web-based environment. This is, after all, an environment in which they … Continue reading

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