Librarians are Superheroes

We may not wear capes or have supernatural powers, but we’re pretty essential, like kale, full of hidden and not so hidden skills.

Your library is so much more than books and your librarian is so much more than the person who buys the books. Librarians are a professional body who are experts at the management and dissemination of information. They are teachers who are keen pass on their skills, to show others how to get the most out of data. We can fight crime and look great in spandex*. The librarians in University of South Wales provide specialised support to their faculties, teaching staff and students of the university.

*not really and subject to interpretation.

The library and librarians are essential in the university experience, they can provide more support than many realise. From teaching students how to use the catalogue to helping with research. The librarians can help students develop the ability to find, use and evaluate information.  These skills will enable students to produce better academic work, which can be used in everyday life and will be valuable in increasing employment opportunities.

If you want to know the difference between a database and an e journal, from peer reviewed to industry sponsored, a librarian can help. If conference papers, standards, and government papers leave your head spinning, a librarian can help. If CRAAP means nothing to you, a librarian can help.


Don’t get lost amongst the books. Book an appointment with your information librarian, they can help.


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