New ebooks

Just added two new ebooks to our online collection.

1. Popular Music fandom identities, roles and practices by Mark Duffett
This book explores popular music fandom from a cultural studies perspective that incorporates popular music studies, audience research, and media fandom. It raises questions about how popular music fandom can be understood as a cultural phenomenon and how much it has changed in light of recent developments.

2. Rock brands selling sound in a media saturated culture by Elizabeth Christian
Explores how different genres of popular music are branded and marketed today in an ever-changing technological world, and how bands can use integrated marketing communication to effectively ‘brand’ themselves

It looks at how some musicians effectively use attention-grabbing issues such as politics (for example, Kanye West and countless country musicians) and religion (such as with Christian heavy metal bands and Bon Jovi) in their lyrics, and also how imagery is utilized by artists such as Marilyn Manson to gain a fan base.

Rock Brands further examines gaming, reality television, and social networking sites as new outlets for marketing and otherwise experiencing popular music.

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